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Friday, August 28, 2009

The Lion Sleeps

We are saying goodbye to Senator Edward M. Kennedy, scion on the Kennedy clan, Lion of the Senate, good Irishman.  He was my Senator but much more than that.  He was a Kennedy - but much more than that.  He was man who had his trials and tribulations.  He was a man who put other things and most importantly others before himself.  He has made such an impact on this country having been not only a politician but a master craftsman of policy that has changed this country for the better in so many ways.  I won't go into all that  he has done, the news and historians are doing a much better job than that.  I am brought to tears whenever I see news about his passing on TV or read about it on the web.  I was shocked Wednesday morning when I turned on the early early edition of CBS Boston and heard he had passed in the night.  I cried before I left for work. 
He was a man who could have never worked a day in his life but he chose to serve his country.  He served it tirelessly, working up until the day he passed.  He never took a salary for his job.  I had the privilege of meeting him a few times.  For a while I seemed to be boarding the same flight from DC to Boston as he and his wife about every other week. (She's from Louisiana too you now.)  He was very approachable, outgoing, and chatted easily with everyone.  He always sat in coach with the rest of us, usually chatting with his wife and other seatmates while glancing at a magazine or newspaper.  I remember a young father introducing his son to him after we landed at the Boston airport.  He shook the little boy's hand and asked him all about himself - age, grade, school, sports.  He then told him to be a good boy, listen to his father, and keep cheering on the Red Sox.  The father beamed with pride as Sen. Kennedy went to pick up his luggage. There was also a flight when he was coming home for an extended time and waited anxiously for their two Portuguese water dogs to be brought to them in their crates.  When they arrived, he quickly unlatched them, gave them each a quick series of pets, then led them outside for a quick potty stop.  How humanizing to see him taking his dogs to do their business! 
Teddy, as I fondly thought of him, was a great man.  He will be greatly missed by so many.  He leaves behind a heck of a legacy.  I will miss his efforts for Massachusetts and this country.  I think next time I fly the US Airways Shuttle from DC to Boston I'll be thinking of him.
He's in good company now.  I thought of my Charlie up in heaven looking up to see Teddy walking by and saying "You too huh?  Have a pint on me!" One great Irishman to another.
May God Bless.  My sympathies and prayers are with his family.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Hot Fun in the Summertime

or is it really the "dog days" of summer. I swear if people don't believe we're experiencing climate change, they need to come to New England! We had nothing but rain and really cool (60s) temperatures up until the last few weeks - June and July were both mostly a washout. It's crazy! Now it's hot and humid. The kind of weather that makes you just want to sit and sip something cool until it's time to go to sleep. Unfortunately that does not pay the bills or get anything constructive done. Though why I worry abut the latter, I sometimes wonder.
Went to see the Red Sox with friends the last Saturday in July - had a blast! See Daily Dose of Diva for her posting and pictures! Thanks so much for coming guys!
Unfortunately after that event and the next day in Salem, I totally devolved into being a summer slug. If I could work at home every day of this HHH weather I would. Actually I could but the air conditioning in the office is much better than my two window units supplemented by a couple of fans. So the chill of air conditioning spurs me to the train every morning so I can keep cool.
So how the heck did this southern girl - from really HHH Louisiana - become such a hot weather hater. I think that something peculiar happens when you cross that imaginary line between north and south and your blood thickens up for the cold. Which is what we need to survive our winters BUT doesn't help in the summer. There's nothing more miserable to me than sitting outside (or in an unair-conditioned house) without a breeze stirring and feeling the perspiration run down your body. And you know us women have a few more cracks and crevices for that to flow through than guys, plus we can't take our shirts off (in public anyway).
How did I survive my formative years in the south?!? I remember huge attic fans with all the windows open that pulled the air through. These were replaced by huge 20gazillion BTU window units that made it feel like meat locker (when they worked). Finally somewhere along the way central AC was invented. Thank you! But you know growing up with that heat, you almost get used to it. You know you are going to move form an AC house to an AC car to an AC office to the AC bar and back to the AC house. You also dress appropriately - no stockings, no slips - sleeveless tops and dresses with short skirts.
So this is my summer heat lament. One good thing is it kills the appetite. I eat a lot of salad anyway but in the summer I become almost a rabbit (with a few cold beverages of course). So now I am off to make a salad and pour some tea (no additives tonight, tomorrow is work). Enjoy the summer while it's here and keep cool.