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Monday, March 15, 2010

Baby Steps - Part II

Still working on this.  We talk, we chat, we flirt.  Sometimes with other people. Sometimes just the two of us. It's a slow dance is how I describe it to my friends.  Nothing wrong with that. Sometimes we run into one another once or twice a week; sometimes not at all.  It's a wave or it's a long chat with a hug and a kiss on the cheek.  Sometimes he just leaves.

But you know - it's all good!  I've decided I am worthy of another relationship.  I loved my late husband but we did not always have a healthy relationship.  Now it's my turn to have a little control.

Hugs and kisses on the cheek even the "love ya" was a thrill! Others are noticing there is a spark!

I feel good about going out.  I put some effort into it - not just throwing on jeans and a shirt; but putting on some makeup, paying attention to my hair and trying to look nice!

It takes time, it takes two...

Slow dancing, swaying to the music...

Wicked Weather - Life in New England

DC gets pounded with not inches but feet of snow!  We get bitter cold followed by a series of Nor'easters that pound us with driving sleet and rain and up to hurricane force winds!  This is not your typical winter!  I'm a hearty person despite being raised in Louisiana where the heat and humidity now makes me want to wilt.  I loved the bitter cold because it was steady for about a month, a little snow, but just plain cold.  Bought myself some Uggs and used them every single day for over two months - definitely paid for the investment! Now that spring is trying to come (Saturday), we are getting these storms ripping up the coast and literally tearing us up!  Windows pound all night long.  Wind howls and at moments the house looks like it is literally breathing.  Now that reminds me of riding out hurricanes down in Louisiana; but this is winter in Massachusetts! 

Pieces of my back porch have been ripped off and blown away. I may find them in better weather or not. My poor flag hasn't been flown since before Christmas.  My windsock wrapped itself around the cow windchime and strangled it.  But the scariest part is seeing bricks fly off the top of my porch storage bin.  Yes bricks! I had three bricks on top of the tarp over the storage bin.  They all were blown off and then the tarp and one half of of the top of the storage bin.  Now this is all on a covered back porch on the second floor. 

Something wicked this way comes - whether it is climate change or apocalypse I don't know but this certainly isn't normal!  It's exciting but also annoying at the same time.  The trains are running behind schedule or even cancelled, roads are flooded and schools cancelled.  At least we didn't lose power this time...yet. So it really is a love/hate relationship with the weather.  It fascinates me but has its inconveniences.

Oh the forecast for later in the week...sunny and warmy.  Yeah, wait a minute it will change!