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Salem, Mass (Witch City) resident with deep southern roots! Love New England - let it snow! Still making up for all those years south! I'm a widow attempting to make merry but it is very hard. This is my way to vent, share, and talk about my path to finding happiness again. September 2006 I became a widow. My road out of the abyss of grief, guilt, and anger hasn't been easy but I'm clawing my way to something better. Seeing rays of hope and joy. Feel free to comment, share words of wisdom, or just read about my fairly mundane life. Slainte!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Feeling Alright!

This will be short but it's been a long time since I posted.  My father passed August 2, 2010.  I had surgery September 9, 2010.  Been a busy few months.  But life goes on.  My life has been so blessed this handsome, caring guy is here beside me almost every night!  How could one person ask for more?  He is phenomonal man.  He was with me the night I came home from the hospital, taking care of me, making sure I ate and got out of bed...and didn't overdue the Vicodin! LOL!  Then as I recovered he has been with me every step of the way.  The wonderful part is...he isn't going anywhere!  Oh he is a hot commodity and women are looking at him.  He looks back but tells everyone he is with me!  He recently told an old friend hadn't seen in a while that he had met a girl and was totally in love with her.  Damn!  That would be me!  Swoon!!!!!!!  When he told me this I asked him if he really said that.  He responded "yes. Wouldn't you say you are totally in love with me?"  Answer = YES, Hell YES!

Sorry for the shouting but I never thought I could be this happy!  This wonderful man is such an important part of my life it hard to believe.  He thinks I am gorgeous, hot, and fun!  I know he is!  He makes me feel so wonderful.

Let me set this record straight...this isn't all about sex either.  There are quite a few nights all we do is cuddle, watch movies, and fall asleep.  The others are our own secret magic that no one needs to know about or would probably understand.  We were meant to be together!  This is fate, destiny, God's blessing...whatever you want to call it.  We are so good together in every way!  He hates technology...I'm steeped in it.  He is so intelligent he challenges my mind every day.  Who thought I would be doing Cryptoquotes?!  He can solve most of them; I'm just learning.

Yes I am rambling because what else is there to say.  We love one another and are in this for the long haul.  Others may doubt and talk about us but they just don't know what we really have.  We don't care because we do.  My friends and family know...that's all that matters.

To my guy:
Thank you for loving me!  I love you so much!