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Monday, December 14, 2009

Baby Steps?

Okay so I formed a little plot with a couple of friends.  Find out when the guy comes in to the place where I always see him, find out what they know about him, and make contact again.  I went as far as to give my phone # and address to one of them to give to him.  She offered to text me when he showed up.  She texted but not to my phone! LOL!  I found out he is always in on Fridays - my usual night.

Friday night I showed up and found out he had my card with my info.  Now I'm really scared - what do I do if/when I seen him?!  I sipped margaritas slowly for an hour or so. All the sudden the owner (one of my conspirators) comes down says "he just walked in the door".  Sure enough.  Looking good too.  I was so nervous but knew he didn't see me from where he was standing.  So I decided to say hello.  It was a long walk around the bar but he saw me and smiled.  I apologized for being half in the bag when I saw him the last week.  He said I was fine.  We talked about how really glad we were to see one another again after two years.  Then I owned up to setting up the card thing.  He said he still had it and was really flattered.  I apologized for being so forward - not me at all.  Told him I wanted to be friends and have fun.  He said something about he just recently became very alone and he understands how it is.  I asked him to join me for a drink if he felt like it.

Many minutes (it seemed like forever), I'm no longer paying attention and he sneaks up behind me. Scares me! We start chatting and he starts telling me pretty much his story - divorced, two kids, etc.  He mentioned a girlfriend, which he quickly corrected to "girl friend" also named Kathy.  (I need to clarify that one.)  I let it slide - he can tell me what he wants.

It was nice.  We talked about how live changes and you have to deal whether you like it or not.  We discussed music, sports, etc.  Then he asks where would I like to go on a date. Date? Duh? I'm blank.  I shrug. Is there a movie I want to see?  Then he jokes about movies being boring dates (unless you sneak in beer).  We chat then instead of doing his disappearing act, he tells me he has to leave and wants to walk me out. 

My point is we had a wonderful conversation.  We will be friends and if that's all then that's fine.  I feel a little more at ease about it (not freaking out about it as badly).  He walked me to my car and we said goodnight. He says he will call.  We'll see.   He's a nice guy.  I'm lucky to know him.  Now I have to not freak every time we're both there. We both hang out there - that's how we met- neutral territory.  But we spent two hours chatting and both had a good time.  Hopefully we wil again...soon.

It's a baby step. 

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  1. There ya go - first step is complete - you tossed the ball into his court... A date sounds very cool! Maybe you can interest him in your next concert... something more "fun" then a movie :p I am so happy for you Kath! *hugs*