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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Time Flies - Trying to Catch Up

I cannot believe how long it has been since I wrote anything here! This was part of my New Year's resolution and I'm not keeping it up as well as I should. Lots of reasons why not - work is crazy - non-stop madness, I am becoming addicted to Facebook, I have been so excited about the new U2 album and tour, and busy traveling. The purpose of my blogging was not to make it another task or job, but to be able to vent and enjoy this outlet.
So what's new? Not much - I was away for two weeks in February (first week for work, second week to visit my family) and am going away for work again next week. I've bought tickets to two concerts (Springsteen and Buffet) and to two Red Sox games. I've been stressing over finding a new bathing suit for Florida and St. Kitts. Something that will make my tummy and butt look no so big. I think the most exciting thing I've done is visit my family.
That was an interesting visit. I drove down from Little Rock to my hometown in Louisiana - about a 4 1/2 hour drive. Very depressing scenery until I hit Louisiana where you get rolling hills and pine trees. I swear Arkansas looked like a war zone in areas, definitely very depressed. I wonder how the heck they ever came up with that "Land of Opportunity" slogan!
My dad and stepmom are doing well all things considered. Dad was doing really while I visited though he does go to bed really early - like 7:30! I know he's tired (his heart only has 20% working capacity) but that left me with not too much to do other than update their PC and try to get on the internet with their dial-up connection. What a pain! I don't know how I never survived without a hi-speed connection. Of course, they don't use their PC the same way I do.
I had made contact with some friends letting them know I would be in town. This led to a really interesting experience. It was Valentine's Day and four of us got together to go out for dinner then hit the action in Jackson Parish. We drove to another town that had a Chili's for dinner (whoo-hoo) then back towards my hometown to check out the two clubs (bars) where you can actually hear music and get an alcoholic drink (why didn't my parents live closer to New Orleans - my old stomping grounds?). Despite my anxiety, this turned out to be a pretty fun night. The clubs were both dives and filled with smoke (still smoking 'em everywhere down there) but the people were hilarious. Our first stop was Rob's - I think it was a converted convenience store. It is actually owned by some folks I went to school with. They had pool tables, a bar, and karaoke - even free crawfish (yum!). We go in and I don't recognize a soul. No problem. We get drinks and sit at a table, listening to the performers (LOL). I see a guy at the bar who looks a little familiar. He keeps looking at me - I keep looking at him. We kept up this little "don't let him/her see me looking" dance for a while. I finally squinted through smoke and recognized him. He was my stepmother's brother. Technically I guess that makes him my uncle but I just know him as Bubba (yeah, I know). So I wandered up to him and said "how's it going?" He looks at me again and I started laughing! Then I told him who I was - let him off the hook. Yes, my hair is longer and I've lost 55 lbs - maybe he wasn't sure who I was. One of us daughters was there. So this was nice - we talked and had a drink together while my friends beat each other at pool. This was good for maybe an hour, then we had to get fresh air! At this point one of our party (the male part of it) said they wanted to go home and play video games. Fine - the ladies will carry on!
Next stop is the other club (bar) which is even divier than the first one. This one is called the Lazy Gator - just love the name! The beer was warm and when I asked for scotch they looked at me like I had three heads, so I settled for warm lite beer. Music was better here - more rock mixed in with the country, even dancing, and more pool tables. My friends ran into friends of theirs and we settled in down by the pool tables. I kept looking for faces I might recognize - none there. Then this friend of a friend says "hey see that good-looking tall guy playing pool down there with the dark hair? I'd love to take him home and see what he can do." Well that got my attention. I looked and then verified which pool table she meant. I looked a little closer - damn! I knew him! He is so cute, I have to say hello! So I told her "I'll check him out" and sashayed down to the end of the table. He was playing alone, practicing his shots and didn't notice me until he sank the last ball. Then he looked up and saw me. He broke into a big grin, hugged and kissed me. I spent the rest of the evening until last call talking very cosily and catching up with him. He is a pool shark and played against one of my friends (I wouldn't play him without more alcohol). Whenever he wasn't playing pool, he would wrap his arms around me and we would catch up. I felt so many people staring it made me feel so good! Finally he asked for a ride home. I'm sure this really made some people jealous. They were probably wondering how did she pick up that young stud?!? Well heck, he's my nephew and we really like one another! We wanted to party together. I also hadn't seen him in about a year. I just loved the feeling of that little mystery I left behind.
So that's my excitement other than new U2 music, ticket buying, and planning more travel. We also had a few more snowstorms. My life hasn't changed much but I've had some fun and excitement. That's a very good thing!
Peace and health to all!


  1. hey Kath - sounds like you had a great time when you visited home! enjoy those concerts!

  2. sounds like a great trip home! i love springsteen and buffet too... hope you enjoy! :)