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Friday, April 17, 2009

Spinning My Wheels or Having Fun

Been a while since I wrote anything. I've been very busy, hence the title. Work is always busy but the Recovery Act funds is making it especially crazy! We have a lot of money to push out to worthy (yes we vet them) systems projects. All this takes up a lot of time on top of our regular projects. I'll survive but I tell you the hours and days are flying by! But I can assure you that the ARRA funds going through my agency are being put to excellent use helping Americans who need food assistance. Rest assure there is no pork to be found here unless the recipient buys it with our funds.
Been trying to plan things to keep my promise to get out and about. Concerts and baseball are high on my list. I have four sets of concert tickets in hand. Next week I'm off to the Garden to see Springsteen and the E Street Band. They put on an awesome show. They were so good at Gillette last summer, I jumped right on a ticket at the Garden - a smaller venue but not intimate by any means. Then there's Jimmy Buffet down at Comcast Center (formerly Great Woods) in June. I'm not a Parrothead but I love his music.
But the biggest coup was getting pre-public sale tickets to U2! Unfortunately I will not be in the country when they play Gillette but I had to see them. I have never ever seen them in concert and they are my favorite band ever! So, I got tickets to both shows in Chicago. There is so much in Chi-town I have not seen yet I figured I'd spend a September weekend sightseeing and going to both shows. That had better sate my U2 appetite until next year! I love their new album - No Line on the Horizon! Unknown Caller, Magnificent, etc. are great songs! I was so happy when I purchased that first concert ticket in Chicago I did a little dance - in my cubicle at work! Then they added the 2nd show and I was chomping at the bit! Cheers to you U2 - see you in September.
Ah - travel. Just got back from a short vacation in Florida. Only had about three beach days (and let's face it I don't tan, I burn) but it was fun. Joined some dear friends from Ohio who were there and visited from expats from Salem who have retired to the area. Good friends - good times. Now work travel is calling again - Kentucky for two nights last week of the month then a week in DC in mid-May. I do have another short vacation planned for Memorial Day week. A girlfriend and I are going to St Kitts in the Carribean! It's a small island east of Puerto Rico that sounds gorgeous. We're going for four days of sun, sand, and total relaxation. A few cute beach guys would be nice too!
But will work give me a rest? No. I come back from St. Kitts on a Friday, getting into Boston early Saturday a.m. On Sunday I fly to Salt Lake City for a couple days then straight to Santa Fe for the rest of the week. Sometime later in June I have to go to Kentucky. July is either San Francisco or Boise. (I know - Boise?) Late August is Chicago for work followed by my U2 weekend. Then four days after U2 another girlfriend and I are going to Europe! We're doing a 12 tour of England and Scotland.
I am so excited but getting dizzy thinking of all this. I said I wanted to get out and about this year. Well, I'm certainly doing that! There even more travel in the last three months of the year and I need to visit my parents again sometime.
But you know what? It beats sitting home. No one going to come and drag me out (well a couple of friends do occasionally when they can find me at home), so I'm getting out. I just hope I can keep pace with the pace I'm setting for myself!
Hey we only go around once in this life, so I'm determined to enjoy it. So far - I think I'm begining to have fun again! That's a very good thing for me. I need it. Now if I could just figure out the "making friends as an adult" thing, I'd be set. But that's a whole different subject.


  1. It sounds like you are having the time of your life! Enjoy!

  2. sounds like you are having too much fun to blog!!! as divaeva said... ENJOY!!!!!

  3. Hey Kath - TAG! You're it!!! Miss you lots and lots!