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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

It's become a blur!

My gosh - I know I wanted to stay busy but I'm thinking things are getting out of control! How is it that I went on vacation to St. Kitts less than two weeks ago and now it feels like it was a year ago. Not fair! I didn't get to savor that after vacation lull where you sit back and rerun it in your head. My 100+ pictures are still on the memory card in my camera. I have almost stopped peeling from my sunburn (even with SPF 50 I burned). I've already made a business trip and been to a Red Sox game. Busy was good but not blurry! Life is rushing past too quickly these days. Okay I know I can't have my cake and eat it too. At this point I have a few days before I make a quick trip to Nashville (overnighter) for business then I get to relax (I pray!) for a couple of weeks before I'm off on another trip.

Oh well guess I'd just better follow my friend's advice of "quit bitching" and enjoy what does come around. At least I'm not sitting at home with nothing to do and complaining about that! I don't think that will ever be me (note to self - remember this when retirement rolls around).

Spring was almost summer here in New England but has quickly come back almost to winter with chilling rain and gray skies. But we know that we will have some beautiful sunny weekends with sea breezes coming up soon. Maybe that's when I'll be able to refocus on those sunny beach days with the trade winds blowing.

I wish you well! Peace!


  1. We have to get together soon for some dirty martini's! I miss you!

  2. oh yea - and THANK YOU for the check for the Relay! I will make a few luminaria and get some pictures to share!