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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Patience and Reflection

Well Patience is one of my favorite Guns 'n' Roses songs and there are so many songs about "reflections" I couldn't pick one if I had to so this is my mood right now. It's Father's Day - I love you Dad. Today is very emotional for me. My dad is still alive and aware but he may never see his home again.  After a series of health issues that started with a broken leg and ended up with a pacemaker, he has completed his allotted number of days in rehab.  Unfortunately at almost 87 he is not bouncing back like he did two years ago when he had his hip replacement or even almost four years ago when he had a pulmonary embolism that almost took him.  So he is transitioning into a nursing home environment.  I'm not even going to kid about calling "assisted living", he needs so much assistance round the clock that he can't come home.  Now I live 2,000 miles away but we have always been very close - I'm the only surviving child; have been the only child for my entire life - never knew my two brothers.  So today I am sad.  I send him a beautiful card and the razor he wanted.  My wonderful stepmom takes him my cards, packages, and messages and makes sure he knows how much I love him.  But I can't talk to him.  No cell phones allowed and when they do try to sneak one in he can't hear me because he doesn't like to wear his hearing aid. Frustration there! I have a special friend who is taking his dad out to brunch today and that makes me smile.  I hope it's a wonderful day...I'm also a tad jealous because I would like to do that too.
This is life - the hand we are dealt; I am normally very strong and roll with the punches.  For some reason today is very tough.  I'll go out later and seek the solace of friends and a few drinks.  Maybe see someone special.
Patience I need for all parts of my life but especially in my blooming relationship.  We want this to be a good thing - maybe a long-term thing, not to rush too much. But we both want some things so badly. I have to take a deep breath and step back and be so happy just for the conversations, the kisses, the small touches that mean so much, the whispers of endearment.
Now if my phone would just stop pocket dialing his number! LOL! Seriously - I called it on purpose (I have permission) then you know these stupid phones - hit the wrong button it repeats the last process.  I think I'm a nut case already - I don't need any help from the Droid!

Enjoy your day - I'll survive and be much better later on today.  Thanks for reading.

Peace and love to all!

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  1. *giggles* I totally understand that Driod pocket dialing thing! *hugs*