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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sunday Soundtrack

Starting out with something very mellow - Snow Patrol and Ray Montagne.  Though Snow Patrol makes me think of U2, which will be on tap for later today while I'm out at the pub.  Almost did some Ramsey Lewis but I'm holding that for when/if someone special ever comes over.  It's wine and candlelight type of jazz.  Woke up thinking of steamy southern nights of my childhood and singing "Summertime". 
After two weeks of nothing had two nights in a row with that guy! Nothing as steamy physically though we both talked about those encounters and how great they were.  Hoping to see a sighting of him tonight.  He is an enigma.  I know just enough to know I want more! Maybe that is his game - his MO.  I have to learn to be patient.  Hence the mellow soundtrack this morning, which I hope heats up as the day progresses.
Tomorrow I'm off with my bestest friend for some shopping and sampling over next door in Marblehead.  Supposed to be a beautiful day and we're both off from work.  She is the best!  It truly was fate that brought us together - it is hard to believe I've only known her a year!  It is one of those relationships where we don't compete, we're like long, lost sisters.
Now about that guy...Dream..dream, dream, dream... (with a bit of "Say a Little Prayer for Me")!
Peace and love to all!


  1. Most awesome! :) Hope we don't intrude on Sunday night...if he shows up...we will certainly disapear quickly ;)

  2. A great post!...So true! <3