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Sunday, July 25, 2010


"This must be love, I'm feeling; This must be love" - Phil Collins

Wow how quickly things change. The "waiting" is still a factor but I have no doubts where my heart lies or where his does either.  He has held me in his arms every night except two for the past week! We wonder aloud if this is too much too soon but then we remember that we're not 18 year olds.  We adore one another and want to spend as much time together as possible.  Even if it is just watching a movie cuddled on the couch or eating dinner by candlelight on the deck, it is all so good and so sweet.  We don't have to have marathons to prove anything to one another.  All we do is look into each other's eyes and we see our souls.  As he says "this is destiny, this is our fate"!  I agree. 

Waking up to his warm body, hearing his heartbeat, and feeling the light touch of his fingers as he reaches to hold my hand.  Ah, sublime!  Then the hugs and kisses as we part for the day.  I am tingling as I write this; we were both tingling as we kissed goodbye.

Lord please don't let this ever get old or end.  We were meant for one another.  We both know it.  It's work but it is fun too.  We each have our other worlds that have yet to be penetrated but we'll get there...slowly meeting friends of one another and maybe at some point, families.  Going with the flow of happiness right now.  Please let it last...forever.

Love and Peace to all!

P.S.  Waiting is still the hardest part

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  1. this make me smile out loud....I love you and it indeed make me happy to see you so blissfully happy! *hugs*