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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Soundtrack of My Life

Do you ever feel like you are in a movie or even TV show?  Like there is music playing around you?  I swear I have a soundtrack that follows my life!  Today's it has been Abba (what?) "Take a Chance on Me".  Most days it is a combination of things reflecting what I am doing or thinking.  "You Don't Know Me" has been playing a lot lately!  I'm the type of person who can rarely get into a vehicle without turning on the radio or putting on a CD.  Songs are so sensory!  They bring back memories - smells, places, people.  They also make new memories! People say words and music or lyrics pop into my head.  This may sound annoying but I love it!  I think I must have been born with music.  I am not accomplished at anything, though I tinker at piano and used to be very good at clarinet.  Singing and dancing are my best talents when it comes to music. 

So now as I am focusing on moving forward with my life, maybe finding love again, venting about things in the that I kept buried, I am going to listen to that music in my head and see what it's telling me.  Maybe that is my guiding spirit, those songs are popping up for a reason.  Or could be I'm just freaking nuts!  Nah...that's too easy.  Everyone, including my Wii Fit unit, knows I'm a little off balance sometimes!

So maybe you'll see a new theme running through these musings - song titles, lyrics, etc.  I've done it some in the I'm trying to be very positive and focus on good things!  So get ready for some insight into the soundtrack of my life.  Maybe it'll give me some insight too!  Lord knows I need it.

Love and Peace or Else - U2

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